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Teaching at C&M

Teaching and research are strongly linked at C&M. The lecture "Web Applications and Service Orientated Architectures" (WASA) mediates topics and concepts of computer science, which students require to participate on research and industry projects conducted by C&M.

This includes

  • Basics of Software engineering  (Software architecture and design)
  • Communication Protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP)
  • Information Markup-Languages (HTML, XML)
  • Service Orientation (SOA, Web-Services)

Besides theses basics, the WASA Lectures (WASA1 for Bachelor is held every winter semester, WASA2 for Master-Students is held every summer semester) offers an insight into current research results derived from ongoing research and industry projects.

In case a participant of the lecture decides to undertake a WASA Seminar, (s)he will actively take part in one of those  projects as a JuniorStudent. Every Seminar is strongly attached to bachelor or master thesis of a SeniorStudent. The JuniorStudents work together with their assigned SeniorStudents in close collaboration as part of a project team. This actively used concept is a centerpiece of C&M-Teamwork.

summer semester
titel type place time
practical course
Seminar (S)

Seminar room 173

RZ/SCC (building 20.21)

winter semester
title type place time
practical course

Seminar room 173
RZ/SCC (building 20.21)

Courses in Summer Semester 2007
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winter and summer semester