Research Group Cooperation & Management (C&M)

C&M – Practice-driven Teaching and Research in the Team

The research group Cooperation & Management (C&M) focusses on the systematic development of advanced web applications and their automated deployment (using Gitlab CI/CD pipeline, Docker, Kubernetes). The concept of microservices (using Domain-Driven Design, Behavior-Driven Development, REST-based APIs, Swagger OpenAPI, Angular, Spring) is the leading architectural paradigm of all software systems developed by C&M.
The members of the research group are the PhD researchers , , Stefan Throner, and Philip Hoyer as well as the many students cooperating in research and industrial C&M projects.

Teaching: Web Applications and Service-oriented Architectures (WASA)

C&M offers lectures, practical courses and seminar courses to the students. They acquire the conceptual and practical knowledge that is needed to develop complex microservice-based software systems. An overview of C&M's course offering entitled Web Applications and Service-oriented Architectures (WASA) is provided by the document WASA INTRODUCTION.

Research Topics: Connected Car, Internet of Things, Identity and Access Management

In close cooperation with partners from research and industry, C&M develops microservice-based solutions in the domain of connected car. Based on an extensive and formal domain model, all kinds of connected car microservices, e.g. for peer-to-peer carsharing, charging of e cars, predictive parking are developed. All these microservices are integrated into a well-structured and maintainable microservice architecture. Since a connected car is a complex thing of the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an important research topic investigated by C&M.
In all web applications, management of digital identities and control of the access to protected resources must be taken into account. Therefore, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an important research topic. Together with the industrial partner, the iC Consult Group, C&M develops practice-driven IAM solutions in complex enterprise environments. A special offer to C&M's students is the IAM Coding Day.


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